From Abuse to Wholeness

An atmosphere of anger and domestic violence is all seven-year-old Harman had ever known! She frequently saw her father brutally beat her mother. Sometimes Harman was also beaten very severely. One time her father even hung her upside down from the ceiling fan! She was so traumatized that she could not even speak.

Harman always came to school with a sad face and tears in her eyes. She would hug the teachers very tightly and not let go of them.

Gradually their loving care has given her a sense of security and she is becoming a happy and outgoing child. She excels in her studies and interacts with the other children so well. The love she has received is creating a new future for Harman! Thank you to her Cry of India sponsors who are making this miracle happen for her!

Pooja’s Dream

Living near the grounds of the new Cry of India partner school and too poor to attend any other school, Pooja dreamed of what it would be like to be a student.  When the school opened, Pooja’s dream became a reality!

At the start, Pooja struggled greatly to read and write and had trouble memorizing her lessons. Thankfully, as she was given nutritious food and loving one-on-one attention in her studies, she made great progress. She now excels in school and is finding confidence and hope. 

Sponsorship makes a life-changing difference for children like Pooja.  You can make a difference by sponsoring a child today!

A New Family

Mukesh and Ramraj were recently abandoned by their parents. Each night, their gypsy-like community provided a meal for them, but they were limited in what they could do. Finally, a man from the community brought the boys to a Cry of India partner school and asked if they could be enrolled.

The school has become Mukesh and Ramraj’s home away from home, and today they are thriving as they receive proper nutrition, an education and the love of their school family.

Sponsorship makes a life-changing difference for children like Mukesh and Ramraj!  You can make an impact by sponsoring a child today!

Danger in the Slums

Every day 2000 people move to the Delhi area from the villages looking for work. In the slums they are vulnerable and afraid and have no relationships because they have left their family and community network. Their children are the most at risk of all! One little 4-year-old girl was left alone all day while her parents were out looking for jobs. A 19-year-old man came into their shelter and tried to molest her, but she screamed and screamed until neighbors rushed in to rescue her. The man was turned over to the police, and the child was unharmed. She was immediately enrolled in a Cry of India school where she is safe every day and getting an education in a loving atmosphere. She is thriving and gaining confidence in this protected environment.  The school also provides a network of caring friends for her parents. They are so appreciative that their daughter is safe and being taken care of. Thank you to the Cry of India sponsors who are giving hope to children like this and their parents!

Mukesh’s Story

When Mukesh was five years old, his family left their village and migrated to Delhi hoping to find work. In the slums of Faridabad, they built a shelter with concrete block and a tarp roof. All around them was the noise and red dirt of heavy industry, and their water source was a filthy, polluted canal flowing between the thousands of shelters. Mukesh’s father was a day laborer, going to the market each morning in hopes of being hired. Life for Mukesh and his family was desperate. Would his father be hired? Would there be food to eat? What dangers lurked in the darkness of night?

One day Mukesh saw children dressed in school uniforms. He asked where they went to school and learned that he was welcome to join them. At the school he was given a uniform, books, and a warm meal. This was a place like no other! There were songs, lessons, and loving teachers. Mukesh says, “Because of the school I can study as I want and some day become a leader.”